Frequently Asked Questions

Hi-code is the first QR code in the world fully customizable with images and text.

Hi-code is a revolution in the QR code world: it is the first QR code in the world that communicates clearly and immediately its purpose thanks to the possibility to put an image and a call to action within the circle around it.
The QR code is a strategic tool that enables to catch new business opportunities by involving only the target interested in what it promotes and profiling it . However, it find it hard to take off since it does not communicate clearly and its use isn’t always strategic (it often redirects to web pages that are not optimized for mobile or to generic contents). The immediate visual impact together with a strategic use that aims at visualising contents that are coherent with the message that it contains make it a very useful tool within a mobile marketing strategy. With Hi-code you can activate multi-channel campaigns acquiring precious information on your customers and giving back customized and location-based contents thanks to a technological platform that elaborates the Hi-code scans at real time. 
Hi-Code can be scanned only once downloaded the APP available for Ios and Android. Thanks to the APP it is possible to colect all the datas of the customers that use Hi-code to make successive direct marketing activities. Moreover the APP enable syou to customize the customer experience based on your needs.

With Hi-code, the QR code 100% visual, you can enhence your offline communication by connecting it to web contents and making it a multi-channel promotional tool. You can attract new customers and create brand engagement. You’ll also be able to study ad hoc campaigns to test new product launches, to push an event participation, a coupon download or increase the foot traffic and sales.
You can choose what kind of contents you want your target to visualize. Brochure, playbill, leaflet, roll-ups, floorstands, window displays and everything that you use to communicate can be connected to your digital communication through a smartphone or a tablet.
You can define new customer engagement activities, have them participate to a contest, invite them to an event, make them visualize special contents only for those who scan the Hi-code. You can have your customer scan different URLs depending on who scans it and acquire new leads thanks to ad hoc landing pages.

Mobile marketing campaigns are a big opportunity for companies that aim at increasing their business and optimize the ROI. They enables to connect directly to the target audience in a customized way through the mobile devices that they use everyday for most time of the day: smartphone and tablet. 
By activating a Hi-code campaign you can enhence the customer interaction with the brand pushing him to buy or share contents through their smartphones depending on the campaign goals.
Hi-code can be printed on any support and can redirect to a wide number of information on the company, the brand, such as offers, promos, contests, videos, news, etc.

Today there are 37 milions of smartphone in Italy. More than 40% of the population have received coupons on their smartphone*.

*Mobile marketing Observatory

A landing page is the web page where the surfer lands once he has clicked on a link, an adv or after having scanned a QR code or the Hi-code. This page can contain information and additional contents or push the surfer to fill in a form, register to an event, answer to a survey, etc. The purpose of a landing page is that the surfer follows the call to action displayed in it, improving thus the convertion rate of the page. In order to provide a seamless experience to the surfer, the landing page that you get once you scan the Hi-code must be optimized for mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. In this way it is more efficient and it is more performing in terms of results.